the complete solution 

From the preparation of production orders to the packaging of products, we plan all stages of the process.

We execute the Process Engineering and provide the production equipment & utilities.

Engineering process

  • Process Flowcharts

  • Equipment layout

  • Equipment data sheet

  • Material specifications

  • Automation for formulations

Investment Plans

Construction Schedules for Industrial Facilities

Project Management and Plant Implementation

Technical consultancy for expansion of industrial facilities

Based on Sales Forecast and Production Mix, we carried out the implantation studies of new factories in all details:


➛ Operational Concept 

➛ Equipments


➛ Investment Plan

➛ Schedule

➛ Master Plan


With this information, our client will have the necessary tools to add to their market research and to safely decide the realization of their investment.

Stages of production of real estate paints

Base Solvente.png

Solvent Base

Water Base

Base Água.png

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