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Tank Washer

LT 1500

This new creation was thought and designed for use from small 300-liter tanks to larger batches of 1,500 liters. It has wide applicability: solvent-based paints, water-based and also pasty paints, based on vegetable oil.

This was the solution that was missing to improve the production and logistics of any factory.


Our machines are designed and built according to NR10, NR12 and INMETRO certifications.

Solvent Recoverer

Regenerates up to 98% of dirty solvents for painting and cleaning through distillation.

In addition to promoting new cleaning with recycled product, reducing costs, it also enables responsible disposal of waste generated in production.

They are provided for continuous or batch processes.


Mobile Filtration Systems

Filtration set consisting of stainless steel pipes, 4-wheeled cart, bag type filter and pneumatic pump.

Prepared for operation in varnishes, liquid or paste paints and additives.


Technical Specifications:

Filters for batches from 300 to 1500L

1 "to 3" pumps

* Other options of filters and pumps can be studied by design.


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