Tank Washer

During the preparation of our paint factory projects, we noticed the great interest of our customers in automatic washing of mobile tanks, from national sources and components.


With a focus on the safety that this operation requires, we executed a project considering INMETRO certifications (explosion-proof) and national standards, such as NR 12.


With the commercial management of ETL ENGENHARIA and the production, installation and technical assistance represented by PRODISMAQ , it was possible to make this project, which will bring to the market a solution with great benefits to the factories and their operators.

Our Tank Washing Machine aims to serve the manufacturers of:

⇁ Coatings - real estate, industrial, automotive refinishing and O&M lines;

⇁ Inks - Flexography and Rotogravure;

⇁ Pigmentary dispersions;

⇁ Adhesives & Sealants.

⇁ Other applications can be evaluated.

Main Specifications:

  • A machine that automatically cleans the inside of mobile tanks.


  • Effectively reduces the volume of liquids used for cleaning and, thus, the costs and chemical resources involved in the process.


  • It decreases the operator's efforts, risks and work time, bringing great benefit to the factory and employees.


  • Very versatile, it was designed to clean a wide variety of products with different viscosities and serves batches of 300 to 1500 liters.


          * For other capacities, consult our team.

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